Clinical Experience in Lactation: A Blueprint for Internship is a textbook written by LEC owners and instructors Linda Kutner and Jan Barger. It is designed to offer the aspiring lactation consultant structured guidelines as he or she begins the clinical practice aspect of his or her training. It is the only lactation text written exclusively for clinical practice preparation. Imperative for the Pathway 3 intern.


Blueprints focuses on the activities and experiences a lactation intern will need to become confident and knowledgeable in his or her new profession. There are a wide variety of activities.


The first section focuses on:

  • Teaching breastfeeding classes under different situations.
  • Observing labors and deliveries and seeing how different procedures and medical interventions can impact breastfeeding.
  • Observing in all areas of the hospital that may have mothers and babies.
  • Observing at a WIC clinic, a physician's office, and a lactation clinic and seeing what breastfeeding mothers may be confronted with in these situations.
  • Working with breastfeeding mothers and babies in the hospital setting.

    All the activities have questions to help focus on the important aspects of that particular activity.

The second part of the text is an assortment of conditions commonly seen in breastfeeding mothers and infants for which the lactation consultant must be competent to assess, evaluate and develop a plan of care.

  • Each condition begins with a research or didactic page to assist the student in collecting the information pertaining to that condition. The lactation intern is to use various medical and lactation references as well as the Internet in completing these pages.
  • Each condition includes history questions pertaining to that particular dyad and places to chart the information obtained from the breastfeeding assessment and evaluation of the mother and infant. The intern then develops a plan of care for the dyad and must explain the rational for her suggestions.

The third section contains a collection of forms that the lactation intern can use in the activities and experiences and a variety of record keeping pages to assist him or her in keeping track of his or her hours. The aspiring lactation consultant may not need to complete all the activities and experiences depending on his or her background. But even if an intern is a labor and delivery nurse, doing the birthing activity from the lactation perspective gives what goes on during the birth an entirely different meaning. This text is to help the intern concentrate on areas where he or she has the least experience and knowledge to better prepare him or her for the IBLCE exam.


Student Comments

The pages on WIC reminded me of all the info. that I do not know about this program, even after reading on the national WIC website, and reading the notes from our guest speaker and online presentation. I will spend more time on the WA County WIC site before I go on the 7th, since I was having a lot of difficulty trying to answer many of the questions that were posed in the BluePrint book. — Valerie Bluemel, Student in the Portland Community College Lactation Education and Consultant Program

As I read the section on the Hospital setting in the Blueprint book to prepare me for my time at Legacy, it made me realize how important the details are surrounding the mother’s birth history with her success in getting her baby latched before she is discharged. — Sonia Brown, Student in the Portland Community College Lactation Education and Consultant Program

In the Blueprint reading assignment, I especially enjoyed reviewing the various history and assessment forms. I found them helpful in creating my own individualized form and know I was will probably change it a million times as I go through my clinical experience. I figure my own form will always be a work in progress :-) — Sonia Brown, Student in the Portland Community College Lactation Education and Consultant Program

As far as the text, I like the questions for each scenerio and how the different outcomes apply to lactation. It helps begin the process of being able to critically think and gather the needed info to assist with breastfeeding success. I think the BP is a great tool for us interns. — Angie Kazmierski, Student in the Portland Community College Lactation Education and Consultant Program



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