Advanced Clinical Concepts in Lactation Course (ACCLC)

Day One

Breastfeeding as a Public Health Priority
Millennial Moms
Raynaud’s Phenomenon
Maternal Anemia
Differential Diagnoses – Slow/Low Weight Gain
Marijuana and Breastfeeding: What we Know and What we Don’t

Day Two

Eating Disorders
Attributes of Great Instructors – Teaching Peers and Professionals
Babies Dying During Skin-to-Skin
Lyme Disease
New Concepts in Pumping
Overcoming Barriers to Exclusive breastfeeding
The Hospitalized Breastfeeding Mother – “Grand Rounds”

Day Three

Skills Lab Rotations
Pumps and Pumping
Alternative Feeding Methods
Nipple Shields and Treatments for Sore Nipples
Milk Banking Issues
Milk Sharing/Selling
Vitamin D
Biological Rationale for Second Night
Guilt and Breastfeeding
Group Work on Ethics and Guilt
Making a Difference at Your Facility

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