Suggestions for Finding References

Individuals doing Reading and Responses will only use the most current edition of Counseling the Nursing Mother by Lauwers & Swisher or Breastfeeding and Human Lactation by Wambach & Riordan.

Individuals doing the Maternal and Infant Challenges home studies have found some questions are difficult to answer without using a lactation textbook (these textbooks are needed for one’s professional library and are useful in studying for the IBLCE exam).

Members of the International Lactation Consultants Association (ILCA) and the United States Lactation Consultation Association (USLCA) have access to nearly a thousand articles from the Journal of Human Lactation (JHL) and Clinical Lactation. These articles are excellent resources for providing answers to questions in the various home studies.

The International Breastfeeding Journal is free, has open access and has many excellent articles. LEC recommends this site as another excellent way to obtain research articles pertaining to breastfeeding and human lactation. Link

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